Saturday, February 7, 2015

Orphan Blocks

So I was reading one of my favorite blogs and  to say this woman is inspiring would be a gross understatement !  She is a fan of "Project  Runway";  you know the show where aspiring designers compete by designing and making clothing practically on the spot? Well Kim is in her sixth season on her blog of Project  Quilting!  The latest quilt challenge is to make "something " of an orphan block. I have those,  lol. I do not really expect to finish it by the deadline of some time today,   but while trying to be busy while I wait for my "Nina" to be serviced, I must do some sewing.  So why not! 
I found these heart blocks and am giving it a go!
Oh, and go take a look at this woman's blog. There's all kinds of happy going on with the quilts she makes!

I found these hand pieced blocks that I made about 15 years ago; used them to make a couple blocks.

Here is what it looked like Saturday night; okay, so it probably won't be quilted by the deadline, but I am inspired to finish it up today.  Maybe I shall join in the next week's challenge.  Oh so many projects!  So little time!