Sunday, May 31, 2015


MONKEY WRENCH  -  One of my favorite blocks is  the challenge block for May!  Here is a couple pictures of my project.  My block features the color ORANGE.  

The color choice for my Monkey Wrench block is ORANGE by Cherrywood.  The companion fabrics are by Lonni Rossi. 

I drew (4) pictures on freezer paper and even attempted to make a paper piecing pattern -  the paper piecing pattern was a bust!

The paper piece pattern was too big!

So, instead of the pattern making I decided to cut up the drawn design as I did when I made my wonky pot holders last year.

Freezer paper design cut apart for piecing!

paper piecing the parts!

Voila!  Finished and picture on a cloudy day! But finished!


20" x 20"
Hand Drawn Freezer Paper Pattern

Monday, May 11, 2015


Or just a "F_ _ _ king" mess! 

So, there's this awesome quilter and pattern maker Yvonne - quiltingjetgirl who is doing some extraordinary work and making her own patterns! I loved her latest pattern,  Transparent Triangles so much that as soon as she made it available I purchased it. My sole desire was to make a smaller (miniature version); a version small enough for a tote bag.   Bags are really my focus right now!      So, using 1.5 finished THANGLES to make all the half squared triangle blocks and following the piecing directions according to the pattern I made (4) four blocks.   When all four blocks were joined, they simply were not the same sized blocks and of course do not fit together.  The outside seams (pressed into submission)  are uneven at best!  

These "chopped" seams now mean lost points when sewn into a seam!

My Bernina 830 has been in and out of the shop. Initially, she went for the check up that it is programmed by the maker into the machine!  Since then she had to return because whoever "checked" the machine "up" did something to the tension that causes the bobbin thread to accumulate under the throat plate and of course the machine stops sewing. So basically every 20 to 30 stitches, threads must be cleared in order to keep sewing! 

REASON #2  The carefully selected colors really do not "shade" as I expected them to or as they really need to for the "transparent" effect !!!  Seriously, I did copy the fabrics on the printer using the Black setting so as to determine the color order!  Not a really good selection after all! 

It looks like I just plain ol' SUCK at piecing!!! I painstakingly pieced these blocks, carefully measuring the 1/4 inch seam!   APPARENTLY. NOT!  See this wonky seam - made even wonkier by attempting to force seam matching by wetting and pressing!!!! NO! BIG NO NO!   I know this, this not my first rodeo or even the 10th!!! I've never been thrown so far off the mark!

Yes, I'm in tears because this tote was made to be a gift but she is a precision quilt maker and all of her seams match and are perfect! Her quilting is extraordinary!  It is obvious that she is a perfectionist!  Oh well, if you are reading this, you know that this attempt at making a miniature is an "EPIC FAIL" !!!  I'm not sure that I possess the necessary skills to continue piecing quilts!

Taken outside!

Happy sewing?@$!!#!