Monday, February 9, 2015

Hand Quilting

Okay, I decided to hand quilt my "Orphan Blocks" quilt.  Here is what I managed to do yesterday.  Today, I have to rest my hand and arm.  So, now I am looking around for one of my many blocks of the month; maybe put the quilt idea that is in my head on paper!  Well, an update later on what I decided.

Here is a picture of the progress.  So far it's just a "devil may care" sew wherever I am inspired to put the needle. There is no plan except that I did cut a freezer paper heart to quilt the heart shapes; because I want the viewer to recognize the heart shape, lol. 

Be back later for an update on today's activies, or lack there of.  What do you think of ad lib quilting?  Do we really need a plan?  All the famous quilters will view this bit of quilting as maybe not quilting at all.
Tell me what you think!