Tuesday, January 27, 2015

The On goings!

It's snowing and that is the perfect time to sew and quilt!  I am still working, testing a fabulous pattern.  This week is the blog hop for said pattern.  My turn is Friday!  Yep, this Friday is my big reveal of the secret project that I've been working on and have I got a story for you!

Back in December 2014, I was perusing the net and happened upon this great blog .  It might have been the jet on the page because I spent a couple hours just going through her entire blog.  At that time, she was working on a tessellation pattern. It was a most intriguing article and so when she later asked for pattern testers to test her pattern, I jumped at the chance to make her tessellation pattern and boy has it been a journey.  That is as life goes, whatever can go wrong has gone wrong during the time that I was trying to get my quilt together.  Christmas was a blast, just really busy with all the kids home!  I am bursting to share my quilt and story; well JetGirl's wonderful tessellation on Friday!

Signing off as I've work to do.  Sew crazy!